Distribute your eBooks in 11 stores!

We help set the roots to help you reach your goals

We understand that setting the roots for your best chance at reaching your goals is the most important thing. That’s why at CRG we try to give you the maximum exposure possible and we will continuing to add stores making that, our main goal. We will do everything in our power to give you the best chance of reaching new readers and helping you reach your revenue goals.

Regular ePubs &
Fixed Layout ePubs

We currently accept all kinds of books if you have a novel or a comic book that you would like for us to distribute then we will help you reach readers out of this world.

Attention to detail for picture books

We try to keep your book file size as small as possible without affection the quality of your book because we understand stores like Kindle work off file size and the bigger the file size the less money in your pocket.


With the help of App Annie you will have many features which you will see below. Not every store provides analytics and App Annie will continue to add stores but in the meantime CRG will be providing per book downloads and sales for each store and you will have access to that on your personal CRG account.